Google Apps for BusinessYou likely use Gmail on a regular basis to run your business and keep in touch with clients. Did you know that Google has some other really useful apps that will make doing business easier than ever? You may have never discovered these apps before when you were busy with Gmail, but these five apps are perfect for business owners and don’t cost much or anything at all.

Whether you’re looking to improve your customer’s experience or you need a better way to balance the budget, you can find apps for all of your needs right on Google. Take a look at these 5 Google apps that you’ll want to check out if you run a small business.

Use Google Sheets

If you are struggling to keep your business organized, there is no better way to do it than to use Google Sheets. Being a busy business owner, you don’t have time to always work on the same computer where you’ve saved your files to a folder to come back to later. With Google Sheets, you can pull up your work from anywhere by logging into your account.

It’s a great way to keep track of your data or update your budget on the go. In fact, those who find that their clients drop by unannounced or need an easy way to keep track of their schedule on the run agree that Google Sheets is the perfect solution. Use it for your budget, your schedules, your colored charts, your inventory, or just for things you don’t want to worry about losing in the middle of your progress since it will save it as you go.

Google Drive

Google DriveOf course Google Drive is the best place to save your content, being a sort of online filing cabinet for small businesses. It’s a safe way to store documents, videos, photos, and more while being able to access them conveniently from anywhere. Just search for the file you need and share it with your staff from your phone or laptop. If you haven’t seen the function where you can scan your paper documents using your mobile or laptop camera, you’ll absolutely love this feature.

Keep track of your appointments with Google Calendar

What better to stay organized with your weekly schedule than to keep on track with Google Calendar? This useful Google app will help you stay organized on the go for no charge. You can create a new event on the search bar, have an email reminder sent to your daily agenda like a personal assistant would do, and have the app search for any conflicting scheduled events when you need to setup a meeting. It’s really handy for someone who has a hard time keeping track of their meetings but also wants to on the ball.

Google Everypost for content

How do you manage your social media campaigns and content? If you aren’t using Google Everypost yet, you really should start. This handy app is inexpensive at the price of one trip to Starbucks this month. For less than $10, you can create your content at a convenient time for you and then schedule it for the day and time you need your audience to see it.

You can even try it for free and upgrade for the small price for additional features, such as getting unlimited posts, choosing your own Pinterest boards, and the ability to post anything from test to audio.

Run your business with Google My Business

Google for BusinessDo you have a smooth sailing way to handle business matters like customer feedback and complaints? Start using Google My Business and you’ll find that it’s easier than ever before. Simply let this app control how your business appears online from Google Map to Google searches, your reviews and customer feedback responses, and allow it to share your business phone number, hours, and photos of the office.

This will make your customer experience better than ever and easier to communicate things like special events, responses to customer feedback, and directions to find your store. What a simple way to keep in touch with customers and help people to find you.

With handy apps like these, Google has found a way to give you everything you need to run your business outside of the email service you were already impressed by. Check these top five Google apps for your small business.

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