(Gawkwire) – As the role of the Project Manager evolves to accommodate a more collaborative and social approach to projects, one pervasive challenge remains: how to solve the unacceptably high levels of project failure that plague most enterprises?

The project failure epidemic has lingered unsolved for years. One industry study of IT professionals by Geneca reports that 75% of respondents feel projects are “always or usually doomed” from the outset. In a 2005 study by KPMG, 49% of respondents admitted to experiencing project failure at least once in the past 12 months.

Clearly, enterprises looking to reduce project failure rates need to ensure they understand root causes.

New white paper shines a spotlight on root causes of project failure “10 Ways Requirements Can Sabotage Your Projects Right From the Start” is a new whitepaper revealing 10 critical root causes of project failure stemming from requirements.

Many business and IT professionals erroneously assume requirement-related problems are caused by the requirements author—the Business Analyst. The white paper refutes that, pointing to several root causes that run deeper.

Some of the 10 ‘project saboteurs’ detailed in the white paper include:

    The ‘elephant in the room’ when it comes to agile development—guaranteed to cause problems if not addressed

    Why the benefits of collaboration rarely materialize on every project

    How the trend toward outsourcing impacts requirements and what this means for PMs and the PMO

Project Managers and Project Management Offices will gain clarity on exactly how requirements cause projects to derail, so they can be better equipped to protect the enterprise from project cancellations, delays and budget overruns.

“Project Managers and Project Management Offices that have an accurate understanding of the real source of project failure inherent in the requirements process stand the best chance of charting a path to improvement,” said David Nyland, CEO of Blueprint.

A complimentary copy of the white paper, published by Blueprint Software Systems, can be downloaded at http://www.blueprintsys.com/WhyProjectsFail.

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About Blueprint

Blueprint is the world leader in collaborative Requirements Definition and Management (RDM) solutions. Blueprint makes life easier for Business Analysts by automating the tedious, time-consuming elements of every requirements initiative—and transforming the business-IT relationship into a visual, engaging collaboration. The result? More predictable budgets and schedules, faster-time-to market, and far less rework along the way.

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