Houston, TX (Gawkwire.com) Today, cPanel announced that its Houston office has reopened after being closed during Hurricane Ike which ravaged Houston and the surrounding areas this past Friday.

cPanel is pleased to announce that its Houston office has been reopened and operations are back to full capacity. Hurricane Ike swept through Houston last week leaving 2+ million Houstonians without power along with multiple billions of dollars in property damage. During and after the hurricane, the cPanel office was running on backup power utilizing our on-site generator. Along with the relocation of certain staff before the storm and the backup power at the office, all systems remained operational with the exception of a few phone extensions that were not ported off-site.

cPanel’s infrastructure includes backup locations in Pennsylvania, California, and New York, in addition to its primary Houston location. If any of these locations go down, the other locations will continue to operate and provide customers access to cPanel systems. Along with this redundancy, update servers are located throughout the world which will continue to provide access to cPanel software updates and installations. "We’ve always had redundancy and failover built into our operations," said cPanel’s Vice President of Operations, David Koston. "It is nice to see that our systems in Houston never went offline even though the building and surrounding areas were without
power for almost 5 days."

About cPanel:
cPanel is a leading Web Hosting Control Panel Software provider supplying hosting automation tools to numerous data centers and customers all around the world. cPanel offers web hosting software that automates the intricate workings of web hosting servers. cPanel products are used on tens of thousands of servers worldwide to equip server administrators with the tools they need to provide top notch hosting to their customers. Since our beginnings in 1997, cPanel has been setting the standard for web hosting automation.

With offices in Houston, Texas as well as White Haven, Pennsylvania our staff is always available to assist you. We pride ourselves on responsiveness to the webhosting community. Our developers and technical representatives are always interested in hearing your comments and concerns and acting on them. Our goal is very simple, we want to create the best software available so that you can provide the best hosting experience possible for your customers.

cPanel has hardware facilities in Pennsylvania and Texas to ensure operations are always running smoothly. Servers in New York, California and many other locations keep software updates available and systems functioning full speed. With multiple connections at most locations and redundancy on the forefront of our design strategy, you can be sure that our operations will be running smoothly.

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