(Gawkwire) – Magic Logix, leading global digital marketing solutions agency, has worked with countless eCommerce business throughout the years and is continuously discovering new best practices as the web changes and develops in this modern day technological renaissance.

Here are the top five tips Magic Logix has discovered maximize eCommerce, and although we work with mid and large sized companies, these tips are certainly of benefit for any eCommerce enterprise:

1.    Does your company’s site brand consistently and effectively? Are your identity symbols and unique selling proposition clear and easy to see? In this competitive environment, branding cannot be neglected or subjugated. Branding is a classic point that is always included.

2.    Does your company’s site offer the prospect a convenient, intuitive way to make a purchase at every opportunity they might take instead of making them go through any forced steps or time expenditure that they have not chosen? In other words, can your company’s site convert at every opportunity? If not, revenue opportunities are being missed that can exponentially raise revenue.

3.    Customer service continues to be a top priority for eCommerce sites as with those of any business sector working towards growth and build brand equity. Any creative competitive approach your business can take to provide uniquely “feel good” customer service, the better. Apple is reported to have trained their employees to empower customers with Apple language and a pride in having bought Apple.

4.    Does your company track and monitor every aspect of eCommerce website shopping and purchasing activity? "Analytics tools such as the integration of marketing automation tools, and the dedication to maximize the use of analytics are a must in today’s competitive eCommerce landscape," says Hassan Bawab, Founder and CEO of Magic Logix.

5.    Is social media interactivity both included and maximized in the most targeted way for your company’s prospects? Social media marketing is critical for both marketing and customer service. For example, Ford recently launched the new Ford Explorer, and promoted an international Instagram contest for the Ford Fiesta called Fiestagram, on Facebook.

These eCommerce tips are helpful to the online retailer in particular; however, if your company would be more inclined toward advice aligned exactly to its situation, please feel free to contact one of our consultants.

About Magic Logix

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Magic Logix is a leading global digital marketing agency that drives client business growth by merging creativity, technology and online marketing. Through proprietary client intake, workflow and project management processes, Magic Logix consistently yields top quality results, client satisfaction and long-term relationships. Through continual discovery of new industry best practices and partnerships with industry leaders, Magic Logix delivers world class business expansion solutions to mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Magic Logix continually ranks internationally in the top ten Web Design, SEO and Web Development firms by Top SEOs, Best Web Design Agencies, Interactive Media, Communicator Awards, Tech 200, is GSA certified and a fast growth company in Inc. 500. Our in-house staff works closely with clients to provide completely customized solutions using the latest technologies, best practices and originally developed approaches to produce top-quality eCommerce solutions, marketing automation tools, custom content management system (CMS) and customer relations management (CRM) integration, and dynamic Web presentations. For more information, please visit http://www.magiclogix.com. Stay connected with Magic Logix on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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