Wilmington, DE (Gawkwire.com) EstDomains, Inc (http://estdomains.com), a US-based domain name Registrar, officially declares opposition to malware mongers in order to protect Internet users from attacks on their computers or stealing of their important data. EstDomains, Inc pays special attention to domain name holders’ private data protection and secure money transaction operations. It can be said in all modesty that EstDomains, Inc has succeed in protecting its customers from any possible occurrence of fraudulence or cracking. However, being an eminent member of interactive community, EstDomains, Inc management along with other giants of online industry continues its struggle against malicious software distribution and is giving its best to work out even more efficient solutions for detecting malware sources.

The term "malicious software" or commonly called "malware" speaks for itself. The software of this kind may not only interrupt work process by displaying annoying trifles on the user’s desktop but corrupt important files and damage hard disc as well as causing considerable losses to computer’s owner. Slowing down the whole computer system or spamming from one’s email account is the smallest troubles that cunningly written software may cause. Unfortunately, there are many widely known precedents of unauthorized credit card usages performed with stolen passwords and codes. The most unpleasant thing about malware is that usually it is installed on a computer without user’s consent from a website that may seem to be utterly innocent.

The EstDomains, Inc management does not deny the fact that no one is secured from having a customer who uses provided services for delinquent purposes. But it must be noted that the carefully planned infrastructure of EstDomains, Inc makes the special provision for the cases of malware distribution that may originate from the domain name registered under the company’s name. Such domain names are suspended immediately along with domain holder’s account if there is an evidence of malware presence on the web site. According to the most recent statistics over five thousand domain names were detected and ruthlessly suspended by EstDomains, Inc specialists only last week.

The company also has a reliable ally in its battle against malware in a face of Intercage, Inc which provides company with the hosting services of the highest quality. But the outstanding performance of hosting services is not the sole reason why EstDomains, Inc appreciates this partnership so greatly. Intercage, Inc generously provides EstDomains, Inc specialists with reports regarding discovered malware vehicles. As the main database for additional domain name management services is located in Intercage Data Center, EstDomains, Inc has the perfect opportunity to get notifications of the slightest mark of malware presence in the shortest time and take measures in advance.

In addition to the constant monitoring of its infrastructure, EstDomains, Inc (http://estdomains.com) has created a unique system that allows reveal direct malware sources along with potentially dangerous web sites. Further, the detailed reports with warnings are sent to hosting companies and Registrars in order to notify them about the threat and to ask for the measures to be taken. In addition to independently lead investigations, EstDomains, Inc relies on the information available from such influential anti-malware organizations and listings as webhelper4u.net, malwaredomainlist.com, hosts-file.net, malwaredomains.com, malwarebytes.org and many others.

Today, EstDomains, Inc (http://estdomains.com) would like to urge all Internet users to join this world-wide campaign against malware distributions and distributors and report every single display of corrupted codes to: https://support.estdomains.com. It does not matter whether the domain name for suspected web site is registered with EstDomains, Inc or with any other Registrar. There is one common goal for everyone. Namely, keep the Internet space clean and safe for both business and leisure.

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