(WebHost Blog) I hope everyone had a delightful holiday season. For myself I had a variety of projects that ended up taking more of my time that I had planned, but now I am here again providing more useful commentary than a well-trained yak. Which is fairly considerable considering how considerate the abilities of a well-trained yak can be.

So it should come as no surprise that Google accounted for 72.25% of the total searchers in last December, according to HitWise. A jump from 71.57% in November. For the most part, the stats don’t show much of a change since it can be considered within the bias, but it does reinforce the notion that Yahoo and Bing are not doing enough, especially when you consider both took hits (ever so minor) to their search traffic.

What is more interesting to me is the comments made by Steve Jobs and the somewhat odd photo of him in Wired. In fact looking at it makes me think that Google may suffer the consequences for edging into Apple territory. Steve Jobs called Google’s don’t be evil motto is a load of crap. What is funny is the apparent uproar from Google fanboys who fired back by saying Job’s ego is on the rise. But lets take some time to look at this.

How many personal computer companies have made successful forays into media players and cell phones and even produced market leaders in either market? How many PC companies have built a tablet PC thingy that gives them roughly 50% profit per piece? I am not a fan of Jobs on a personal level, but I look at what he has done with his company and how he focuses on looks and customer interface and I have to give the man his due. If someone were to have an ego in this industry it would be Jobs.

Besides it is his job hmmmm duty (narrowly avoiding the pun patrol) to ensure his competitors are are not given aid and comfort. If that means unleashing a torrent of slurs that would make Larry Ellison’s rants look G-rated (overlooking the fact that that would have been much more entertaining then the somewhat subdued comment of its a load of crap) so be it. For the most part the comment is justified, simply look at Google’s track record with business “partners” and companies they have purchased.

Don’t be evil, is very open ended statement and doesn’t mean, don’t be evil to only customers, or don’t be evil to the next door neighbors. It means don’t be evil period and an awful lot of Google’s actions through the years are fairly questionable.

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