(Gawkwire.com) Hosting.com has announced that Jim Garrity, Hosting.com Chief Security Strategist, has been selected to participate on California State Attorney General candidate Kamala Harris’s Advisory Committee on Cybersecurity.

Harris, the two-term District Attorney of San Francisco now seeking the Democratic nomination for California Attorney General, recruited online security thought leaders from various sectors of the technology industry to discuss cybersecurity issues, industry trends, and threats. The group will also formulate policy recommendations designed to help stem security breaches and crimes.
Heightened cybersecurity threats surrounding electronic trade, identity theft, e-commerce, intellectual property right protection, and financial crimes impelled Harris to create this advisory committee to solicit the best possible advice from experts in the field.

“I am honored and grateful to have the leading experts in the field of cybersecurity advising me on matters of critical importance in our 21st century global economy,” said Harris. “I look forward to working with this committee to bring innovative cyber crime-fighting solutions to California’s justice system.”

“Kamala Harris moves far ahead of the threat curve by creating this task force,” noted Hosting.com Marketing Director Aaron Hollobaugh. “The high level of online success for California businesses poses one of the greatest threats for security breaches. We look forward to working with the other members of the Advisory Committee and Kamala herself to identify those threats and ensure legislation reduces their frequency and mitigates their impact.”

Jim Garrity of Hosting.com will join other cybersecurity experts and thought leaders in frequent calls and meetings with Kamala Harris and her campaign staff to ensure existing and pending legislation takes the security enhancements and threats associated with it into full account.

The inaugural meeting of the advisory committee will take place on Tuesday, April 13. The first session will focus on providing Harris with an update on the current state of cybersecurity, and proposing areas where administrative policies and legislation could help minimize risks and enhance privacy.

For more information on Harris’s campaign for Attorney General, please visit www.KamalaHarris.org.

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