When you build trust with readers of your content, you have the opportunity to turn them into customers. However, if they don’t trust you, they won’t remember you or they may try to stay away from you altogether. Here are a few very easy ways to build trust with your blog readers.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Building Trust with Readers

Nobody wants to read content from a fake person with wishy washy opinions, or worse, no opinion at all. Honesty is the way to go and if you promise something deliver on that promise, even if it’s just a certain blog post by a certain day.

When you’re writing, you also want to use credible sources that are also honest. If you use bad sources, even if you’re honest, it can make you look bad. Always check your sources and make sure they are credible.

Say You’re Sorry

If you make a mistake, such as providing incorrect information, make sure you say you’re sorry for the mistake. You need to point it out, apologize, fix the mistake and explain what you will be doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

You’re only human and mistakes happen. It’s better to own up to them and apologize than act like you didn’t make a mistake at all. Nobody wants to follow a narcissist blogger that things he/she is always right.

Get Testimonials

Testimonials help to build trust with readers. When you have others saying they love your content, products or services, it automatically makes it easier for new readers to trust you. More than 60% of visitors to your website are more inclined to purchase due to testimonials than any other reason.

Become an Authority


Probably the easiest way to gain trust is to develop your blog into an authority. This can lead to automatic trust. When you become an authority in your industry, it means you’ve put in the time and learned what’s necessary to speak about your subject in a genuine and useful way.

Don’t Hide From Readers

When a reader can see your face and knows your personality, they are more likely to trust you. Adding a profile picture, including an about page and putting your personality into each post makes it easier for readers to trust you. Even if you’re very controversial, they are likely to trust you because they know what to expect and where you stand.

Communication is Key


Readers take time out of their busy day to visit your blog and read what you have to say. If they leave a comment, you should respond. This is simple courtesy and communicating with readers is very important. Remember, they are humans, too and they want to be cared for. Readers value the bloggers willing to show themselves and care for them in the comment section.

Gaining trust from your readers doesn’t have to be so difficult. Just be honest, put yourself into your blog posts and make sure you apologize if you screw up. Use the tips above and you’ll be equipped to start gaining the trust of your readers.

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