(Gawkwire.com) The Internet Security Alliance presented Melissa Hathaway with its annual award for vision in cyber security Tuesday during an event at the National Press Club.
Hathaway, the Obama Administration’s former acting cyber security chief, received the McCurdy Award on the one-year anniversary of when she began her 60-day review of the government’s cyber security program.
Her work culminated in a landmark report titled, “Cyberspace Policy Review: Assuring a Trusted and Resilient Information and Communications Infrastructure,” which the Obama Administration released in May 2009.
“That effort was in our opinion the most sophisticated effort to date of a government entity analyzing the uniquely 21st century problem of cyber security and outlining a path forward,” ISA President Larry Clinton said. “It is primarily for this groundbreaking work that the Internet Security Alliance has decided to honor Melissa today.”
ISA believes that Hathaway’s work, if implemented, would result in the establishment of a modern partnership between the public and private sectors, which is necessary for an effective and sustainable system of cyber security.
“The Cyberspace Policy Review is the first government document that raises the issue of managing the economics of cyber security — including the consideration of market incentives to fill in the gaps between investments that are justified by existing business plans and those that are required for national security — simultaneously with the technical and operational issues that have been government’s traditional focus,” Clinton said.
After receiving the McCurdy Award, Hathaway reflected on the work that has been done in cyber security and pushed for the efforts to continue.
“A lot of important staff work has been done over the last several months,” Hathaway said. “But, in many ways, I feel like we have lost the sense of urgency of this situation. A full spectrum threat requires a full spectrum response, and it requires a mobilization of all of the resources that this country can bring to bear and it requires strength, leadership and bold steps moving forward.”
The McCurdy Award is named for the ISA’s founder, Dave McCurdy, the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. McCurdy launched the ISA 10 years ago in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University as a mechanism to stimulate and facilitate enhanced cyber security in the private sector.
“Dave understood from the very beginning that cyber security was not simply a technical issue, but simultaneously an economic and security issue,” said J. Michael Hickey, the ISA’s first vice chair.
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