Amsterdam – Hosting provider LeaseWeb has appointed a new Support Manager, someone with a lot of experience in the hosting industry who will be restructuring the Support Division. This department has 33 employees for now but will be expanded significantly due to LeaseWeb’s fast expansion.

LeaseWeb has engaged Ivo Roomer (35) to manage the Support Division. Roomer previously worked for VNU Media as a Sales Manager Online Media and has a lot of experience in the hosting sector, among other things as a Manager Sales Support and European Business Manager. Roomer will be off to a good start in his new position with an ambitious expansion of 16 additional support agents.

LeaseWeb: 16 job openings in Support
‘The expansion is necessary to decrease response times and increase the availability of our support services,’ explains Roomer. ‘Some 70 percent of our customers are based not in the Netherlands, but abroad. We have customers in the United States, the UK, France, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Russia, Turkey, and other countries. This means that you need to have adequate manpower available because you have to account for time differences. Moreover, customers with a 24/7 business model also expect LeaseWeb to deliver 24/7 service and support.’

Professional hosting support
The new Support Manager also plans to professionalize the department further. ‘LeaseWeb’s Support unit has strong technical qualifications,’ explains Roomer. ‘Now that LeaseWeb is growing – the organization doubled in size in the past year! – it is becoming ever more important to refine customer-friendliness, which will result in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. Technique and knowledge are important in a support department, but in the end, customer satisfaction is all that really matters.’

Hosting: Creating an additional support layer
Concretely, all this means that the new Support Manager will emphasize the human factor of the department. ‘I will coach the employees and set up an additional support layer to the front of the organization. This extra layer will take more account of customer wishes and a customer-friendly approach to our customer base. We will also use the necessary hardware and software to create a platform that offers agents every tool they need to function well and serve customers optimally.’

LeaseWeb’s enterprising nature
Ivo Roomer opted for LeaseWeb because of its enterprising nature. ‘I was also offered management positions with the traditional, established corporate parties,’ says Roomer. ‘But they didn’t have the enterprising nature and dynamics that LeaseWeb has to offer. The freedom and opportunity to be part of an internet organization that is growing enormously at the international level, that drew me. It matches my leadership style. I give people a lot of freedom, but this includes taking responsibility, which is something I can see clearly in this organization.’

About LeaseWeb
LeaseWeb ( is an international supplier of hosting solutions that focuses primarily on the business market. The company is in the global top 20 of hosting providers and offers services that include domain name registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, co-location, server virtualization, and streaming. LeaseWeb owns a first-class Cisco-powered network offering a bandwidth of over 160 Gbps, which extends across five data centers in the Amsterdam region via the major telecom carriers. LeaseWeb is also present on internet exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Frankfurt, New York, Vienna, Stockholm, Warsaw, Zurich, Prague and Madrid. Through this network, LeaseWeb enables companies all over the world to create and maintain an online presence in an affordable and reliable manner. Founded in 1997, LeaseWeb now manages nearly 11,000 servers. Its customer base includes Starbucks, Hyves, Telegraaf Media Groep, Koninklijke Joh. Enschedé, PricewaterhouseCoopers, AVRO, Direct Wonen, and Univé.

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