Englewood, CO (Gawkwire.com) Swiftpage, a leading integrated email marketing and sales force automation solution announces a new marketing automation service called Swiftpage Drip Marketing that brings enterprise level automation functionality to the small business marketplace at an affordable rate.

Swiftpage Drip Marketing blends simple functionality, like the ability to automatically send a sequence of marketing messages to the correct target list in your database, with intelligent technology that will send different messages to contacts based on their previous actions. For example, send a postcard to those that did not open the previous email – automatically!

"We opened our ears and listened to thousands of our email marketing customers ask us to remove the manual steps from their current marketing and sales processes. We looked at those pieces and built Drip Marketing to enable the small business manager with automation tools that were recently only available at the enterprise level," says Swiftpage CEO, Bob Ogdon. "By layering in our existing integrated email marketing and survey solutions into Drip Marketing we feel Swiftpage can close the loop and eliminate unneeded manual steps."

Simple functionality – Swiftpage Drip Marketing provides an extremely simple to use interface that allows a user to build entire marketing campaign in minutes. Create your campaign, define your targets and launch – Your marketing messages will automatically be delivered to the right contacts at the right time.

Sales and marketing processes on cruise control – Swiftpage Drip Marketing makes a full loop of the sales and marketing cycle starting from a form on your website. A visitor hits your website, they fill out a form for ‘more information’ (this is a Swiftpage survey form), upon hitting submit they are automatically sent an email thanking them for their request, automatically loaded into your database based on their responses in the form and automatically loaded into a Drip Marketing Campaign. With a simple request from your website that lead has been entered into your database and will automatically receive a series of marketing messages based on their response.

Intelligent Technology – Swiftpage Drip Marketing currently communicates with the ACT! by Sage and Sage SalesLogix database environments and can make decisions based on database field results. For example, as a lead becomes a prospect and ultimately becomes a customer, they can be delivered different messages based on their status in the database. As their status changes from lead to prospect, they will be transferred from the lead campaign to the prospect campaign automatically removing the need for manual sales and marketing cycle management.

Multiple Mediums – Swiftpage Drip Marketing is not meant just to send a number of emails out over time. While it can do this in its simplest form, multi-touch marketing is most effective when multiple mediums are used. Drip Marketing introduces Print, Fax, Postcards and call center at its Gold service level. Drip Marketing intelligently defines who should receive the message, creates a .csv file of those contacts and sends them to your print, postcard or fax provider. In the Call Center model, Drip Marketing intelligently defines who should receive a phone call, creates a .csv file and sends it to your call center with a Swiftpage survey. The Call center makes the call based on the survey questions, fills out the survey for each call and the data is written back into the database automatically.

Affordable for the Small Business Budget – Drip Marketing begins at $29.95 per month in addition to a current Swiftpage account. To learn more about Swiftpage Drip Marketing and all service levels go to www.swiftpage.com/dripmarketing.

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