(Gawkwire.com)  Nagios was voted Monitoring Application of the Year by LinuxQuestions.org members, beating out competing OSS projects and commercial monitoring solutions in a landslide victory.

"This is another exciting achievement for everyone involved in Nagios and we’re grateful to everyone who helps make it such a great IT monitoring solution" remarked Nagios Founder Ethan Galstad. "Nagios has strong brand name recognition and a solid reputation among network and system administrators worldwide."

Galstad believes that Nagios has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an OSS project in 1999 to its present state. "The dominant position of Nagios in the marketplace proves it provides extreme value to IT professionals and business stakeholders. Its not just about the price point or its open code. Its about the value an organization gets with a system that provides flexibility, extensibility, and stability. Deploying Nagios to monitor your IT infrastructure is like having an insurance policy that provides you with peace of mind. Its an easy sell to companies that want protection against outages that can have huge cost implications."

With well over two million downloads and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, Nagios is the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring. Extensive documentation and flexible APIs, along with an active and supportive community has resulted in hundreds of community-contributed addons that extend Nagios’ native capabilities and provide for integration with third-party and custom applications.

Nagios Enterprises is the official commercial arm of Nagios and provides value-added services, products, and solutions to clients worldwide.

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