Denham Springs, LA – Ping! Zine Magazine (, the number one web hosting magazine publisher, announced today the appointment of its new director of sales and marketing, Mindy Neizgodzki. The new sales and marketing director previously held a director of sales position at TechPad Agency.

“Mindy brings a wealth of industry, marketing, and sales information with her,” said Keith Duncan, publisher of Ping! Zine Magazine. “Her role as director of sales and marketing will help us achieve greater results with our advertisers throughout all their marketing campaigns.”

Neizgodzki has taken over all aspects of marketing and sales for Ping! Zine by continuing to develop relationships with both new and existing clients. Neizgodzki’s job entails listening to client objectives and developing a marketing plan to help clients achieve their sales goals.

“With Mindy on board, this year’s HostingCon 2008 will be our best presence yet,” said Duncan. “Current and new advertisers will have more resources available than previous years at the convention to help kick start their marketing initiatives. Mindy’s consistent attention to detail allows her to develop solid plans to help Ping! Zine advertisers reach new levels of revenue.”

Ping! Zine currently distributes to over 40,000 readers and places approximately 128 ads in each issue for over 36 advertisers. The magazine continues to grow its readership base by hiring a team of media experts such as Neizgodzki. She speaks highly of the magazine and praises the initial time spent working for the magazine.

 “Working with the team at Ping! Zine magazine has been a wonderful experience,” said Niezgodzki. “Developing new business relationships and watching companies grow through advertising campaigns is just one of the many advantages of working here at Ping! Zine.”

About Ping! Zine

Ping! Zine, now in its sixth year of publishing informative stories and articles for web hosting, software, and technology businesses around the world, has quickly established itself as a leading, professional magazine. The magazine publishes investigative reports as to the happenings in the hosting industry and provides information to keep companies competitive. Exclusive coverage of security and server maintenance, how-to articles, marketing and sales, and a variety of other tidbits that help technology companies attract new business are published in the magazine seven times a year. Ping! Zine features a diverse range of technical and practical articles in each issue. An archive of all past issues are available on the Ping! Zine website.

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