(Gawkwire.com) Tedopres International and SCHEMA GmbH today announced that Tedopres will become official partner for SCHEMA ST4.

Although SaaS has already been on the hype cycle peak under the name of ASP and is currently being inflated through ‘the cloud’, Tedopres has been practicing this model with great success for years now. Potential customers who have flinched from the effort of buying a state-of-the-art Content Component Management System like SCHEMA ST4 have now proven possibility to jump on the bandwagon. For Tedopres this is the ‘absolute model’ for the future and many potential customers of SCHEMA are asking for that but want to be sure that they will have an experienced and reliable SaaS partner. Therefore Tedopres and SCHEMA GmbH decided to enter into a partnership.

“We are very pleased to start our cooperation with SCHEMA, because we see excellent opportunities with SCHEMA ST4. Our detailed evaluation has shown that SCHEMA ST4 is the best system for us on the market. Tedopres expects a fruitful cooperation in 2010.” says André Verduijn, Managing Director of Tedopres.

The partnership with Tedopres enables SCHEMA GmbH to deploy the SCHEMA ST4 technology to a larger customer base and to better understand the needs of the international market. Tedopres offers full implementation of the SCHEMA ST4 software or of a complete SaaS model.

“We are very pleased, that our partnership with Tedopres brings together two very dynamic and energetic companies. Tedopres woris used by Philips Medical, which is also one of SCHEMA’s largest customers, with SCHEMA ST4 installations in Best, Hamburg and 3 further locations in the US. Therefore, bringing both companies together in a partnership almost suggested itself. The possible integration with the Hypervision suite of Tedopres offers really exciting new possibilities.” says Stefan Freisler, Managing Director of SCHEMA GmbH.

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