(Gawkwire.com) At the annual CEAS conference in San Francisco held on August 21-22- the world’s largest email security conference with participation of developers and leading researchers from MIT and Cambridge -Solido Systems won the competition for world’s best spam filter by sorting out 99.9 percent of all spam email.

"Spam is a huge problem and costs the American labor market more than 70 billion dollars a year in lost earnings. Spam is also a major source of annoyance for employees and IT specialists and also presents a security risk when viruses and Trojans are sent out as spam emails to millions of recipients," says founder and CEO Christer Hasse from Solido Systems.
Existing spam filters have not been effective enough:

"With existing spam filters, 66% of the emails that get through to the end user are still considered spam by the user, resulting in a massive loss of efficiency. So there is a real need for new solutions." Source: Nucleus Research, "The Repeat Offender", April 2008
Solido Systems has now established itself in New York and already has a line of major companies and Internet Service Providers on its client roster.

Christer Hasse founded Solido Systems five years ago because customers of his hosting company, Armada Hosting, were already inundated with spam that the market’s existing solutions just could not get rid of.

The Solido Systems spam filter can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial from http://www.solidosystems.com/products/spamfilter/
About the Solido Systems Spam filter (statements from Christer Hasse, director and founder)
"We see our close collaboration with our sister company Armada Hosting as a clear asset. This- in combination with the flexible design of both the company and our software -allows our developers to keep a finger on the pulse and closely follow developments in the spam threat profile- something that our heavy competitors have difficulty matching."

"In order to achieve this flexibility, we have actively worked from the very start to minimize internal bureaucracy so we can cut down delays in planned technical improvements for the benefit of our customers.""Despite our size, we believe our ability to find better and more creative solutions than our competitors is clear." It is this very focused development of the filter itself that raises the individual developer’s awareness of the contexts between the individual components in our software."

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