(Gawkwire.com)  A gathering at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park today was a message to Google…a message in a ballpark. The crowd gathered specifically to spell out on the field "Google" in an effort to demonstrate Durham’s community engagement in the pursuit of the fiber optic network Google intends to build.

More than 700 people gathered at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, NC to spell out "Google"
Google, creator of the world’s most-used internet search tool and dozens of other internet-based productivity tools, is looking for a community of between 50,000 and 500,000 citizens into which they can come and install a fiber optic network free of charge to every home. This network would be capable of delivering speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, or roughly 700 times faster than the typical home broadband connection.

Participants in this demonstration of community support stood on the baseball field to spell out the company name. The event itself was organized by the committee formed to create a coordinated response to Google’s application. This event was underwritten by the Durham Bulls and Capitol Broadcasting Company.

"Today’s event is a clear demonstration to Google that Durham is fully engaged, wants this project here, and is prepared to efficiently shepherd it through to completion,” said Sam Poley, media spokesperson for the event and Director of Marketing and Communications for the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau. "This community gathering, in conjunction with our application and our history of innovation in Durham, are all key points in the effort to make this place a top contender in Google’s eyes.”

Many discoveries and inventions were made in Durham. Amongst others, the AIDS-therapy drug AZT, Astroturf, 3D ultrasound, the digital cellular telephone, on-board wind shear warnings for planes, the ctrl+alt+delete computer command, the bar code reader, and child safety medicine bottles are all from Durham. Click here for more information about Durham.

The City of Durham, the Durham Chamber of Commerce, Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau, Duke University, Downtown Durham Inc., and other community businesses and citizens formed the organized response committee.

The aerial image of the event will be included in the application submitted to Google. More than 700 people attended this event.

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