(Gawkwire.com) Domains Guru, Inc. has recently launched a new domains consultation company. This new company provides a variety of services that relate to the complex management issues of domain names in today’s marketplace.

DomainsGuru.com understands that in the competitive business world, having a strong and protected domain name is an integral part of a company’s success. As CEO Abdu Tarabichi explained, his team can walk you through the entire process of acquiring, managing and selling domains.

The company deals with the complex issues that people and businesses face every day when navigating the domain name industry, which has been called e-real estate in our changing world. As Mr. Tarabichi stated, "Just as a person would consult with an attorney when legal issues become complex, DomainsGuru.com can provide expert level consultation for this very specific industry. For example, we have consulted with companies who have had domains used or secured by their competitors. We assist our clients with weighing out their options, which can include alternative names that represent their brand, or explaining the actions that are within their rights if they feel someone has infringed on a company’s brand inappropriately."

“We feel that the Domain industry is much like a new frontier for businesses to explore. Businesses need to look at domain names as online real estate, and ensure they make wise purchases that will put them in the right neighborhood and ahead of the competition online.” said Mr. Tarabichi.

The detailed services offered support clients from beginning to end. If you are planning your business, and want to secure the best domain name to drive potential customers to your site, or if you require monitoring of your existing domains to ensure no one infringes on your brand, DomainsGuru.com has the expertise. And, when it comes to managing your e-real estate, DomainsGuru.com understands the complexities of domain brokerage and recovery.

"To the inexperienced, buying, selling and recovering lost domain names can be confusing. Our team understands what fair market values are, and the processes of negotiation to ensure smooth transactions for our clients." Abdu stated.

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