(Gawkwire.com) – Cloud Computing, the new utility based computing paradigm, will bring countless benefits for everybody and will cost a lot less. The arguments for Cloud Computing are convincing. By moving their own IT infrastructures to the Cloud, companies will save money with little upfront investment. Selling Cloud Computing seems like a no-brainer.

Well, it’s not as simple as that. Cloud Computing has been touted as a lower-cost alternative to in-house IT infrastructure for while. A key claim being made in this context is that replacing in-house IT infrastructures with Cloud Computing resources leads to significant cost savings, which are attributed to the economies of scale that such providers can obtain. However, case studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that it is not always cheaper to use Cloud Computing resources in lieu of in-house infrastructure. It appears that whether Cloud Computing can lead to savings or not greatly depends on the type of usage.

The people behind Cloud-Computing-Economics.com see great interest in this independent, unbiased and reliable source of information. Especially amid the hype around Cloud Computing and the millions of dollars pumped into marketing those utility computing services, not every business operation will equally benefit by moving to the Cloud. As Georg Singer, editor of the blog states it, "Cloud Computing is certainly hyped. There is a huge need for independent information that decision makers can turn to and rely on. We want to satisfy this need and also invite folks to join us in our efforts by commenting on our blog and also writing for us."

The articles on the blog are written by experts in their fields – with academic and also industry background. They are covering topis like: When does it make sense to move to the cloud? How much does it cost to run an operation on the cloud? What are the business risks of Cloud Computing? Do I have to move the whole operation to the Cloud or are there other possibilities?

The team behind Cloud-Computing-Economics.com is confident to become a significant source of information for all business related aspects of Cloud Computing.

For additional information on the news that is subject of this release, contact Georg Singer, or visithttp://www.cloud-computing-economics.com.

About Cloud-Computing-Economics.com: 

Cloud-Computing-Economics.com is run by the Institute of Computer Science at University of Tartu in Estonia. It is the biggest research institution in the Baltics (Skype was invented and developed there) and has a special focus on Cloud Computing and all economics aspects of Cloud Computing.

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