San Jose, CA ( 3FN Inc., Triple Fiber Network, the world’s leading provider of web hosting, including dedicated server, shared and collocation hosting and other web hosting services, today announces the best conditions for dedicated server hosting.

Triple Fiber Network is proud to be known for offering the best conditions for dedicated server hosting. In reference to dedicated server hosting 3FN is providing the cutting edge technology, modern tools and absolute confidentiality for its clients. Recent changes in web hosting and dedicated server offers impresses with its new prices and added features.
"3FN has provided dedicated server hosting services for more than a decade, and now it hosts thousands business and corporate web sites as well as personal and quite popular web resources. We provide unlimited possibility, advanced technology, high reliability and security of dedicated server hosting to our valuable customers. We have achieved new level, offering our clients new enhanced web hosting services and in the same time we demonstrate the great flexibility of our price policy. The outstanding conditions for dedicated server hosting by 3FN have been recognized by our customers all over the world," says Dean McToner, the 3FN official representative.

"Now our dedicated server hosting is suitable for the new web sites as well as for the customers looking to switch into something bigger and greater in terms of dedicated server hosting. Webmasters all over the world prefer our dedicated server hosting for its quality and stability. Making the transfer they confess the move to be right."

Providing the best conditions for dedicated server hosting 3FN offers easy and powerful advanced control panel, 24 hr and 7 days support, online technical support and surprising low prices. Dedicated server web hosting by 3FN is all about what is best for our customers. A dedicated web hosting by 3FN is beneficial for complex business and high-end e-commerce sites, as every business strives for more space and security.

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