(Gawkwire) – In response to the huge popularity of Coder Camps’ web programming boot camp in Houston, the team is setting up an Android boot camp in San Diego to produce the next generation of mobile application developers.

“Our Android Camps are a place where people learn to not only build the next generation of mobile products, but also what it takes to brand and make money in the rapidly changing mobile world. There is so much potential for people with these skills to think big and then make it happen!” – David Graham, Coder Camps Founder

Everyone has heard stories of mobile app developers making tons of money $1 at a time. Since Android is the world’s largest and most popular mobile OS in the world, students will put their apps in front of the largest audience possible, which makes a huge difference for the startups. Coder Camps will take them from idea to the Play Store submittal process, showing students how to market, promote, and monetize their new creations to maximize their profit potential.

“Android is the biggest mobile platform in the world, and growing every day. Google has created an exciting ecosystem that allows developers to tap into and customize many parts of the end user experience. This camp will take you from concept to the Play Store and get you on your feet so that you can start creating the next wave of great Android apps. Android is not just for phones any more either. With the emergence of Google Glass and other android based devices, the possibilities for this platform are endless and the only limits are your imagination!”

– Ben Monro, Coder Camps Counselor

The camps aren’t only for entrepreneurs though. There is growing and seemingly endless demand for Android developers of all kinds across the country, so even if that great mobile app idea doesn’t work out as quickly as planned, graduates can easily find work as a mobile application developer in any major city in the US.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact David Graham toll-free at 855-755-CAMP. http://www.codercamps.com

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