(Gawkwire) – There are four systemic problems eroding profitability and slowing the supply chain of companies doing business across international borders. CiGDM will present an overview of each problem, and discuss ten ways the data management and workflow applications of its Classification Desktop™ can lower costs and increase efficiency for your company.

When:    Available 24/7

Where:    Online. Register to access the webinar at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/402163353

Who:    Matt Gersper, President & Founder, Global Data Mining and co-owner of CUSTOMS Info.

What:    Inconsistent compliance processes, inadequate data management, inefficient workflow, and lack of visibility are all problems that face companies involved in international trade. CiGDM’s advanced research tools solve these problems and create more item compliance for each dollar invested.

Quote: “Cross border or international transactions now require up-to-date information accurately describing the transaction from a customs perspective, delivered to the right systems around the world, at just the right time,” says Matt Gersper, President and Founder of Global Data Mining and co-owner of CUSTOMS Info. “A data failure today causes supply chain interruptions and stalls the movement of goods just as physical supply chain failures have in the past, and the cost of disruptions are significant.”

Additional Resources: http://www.gdmllc.com/webinars/Default.aspx?webinarId=64

About CiGDM:

CUSTOMS Info (Ci) and its sister company Global Data Mining (GDM) help businesses optimize global trade management (GTM) systems and streamline global trade automation. Ci provides the world’s most comprehensive trade data repository delivered via web-based subscription, API web services or as data to populate any GTM or Landed Cost application. Ci is the largest provider of duty and tax content for international e-commerce with hundreds of e-commerce sites utilizing our data to provide accurate landed cost information. Our data and services provide faster deliveries and fewer border delays. GDM helps multi-national companies increase the informational value of trade data and the productivity of global trade staff to reduce operating costs, improve customs compliance, accelerate supply chain speed and maximize the return on investment of this corporate function. Areas of expertise include customs classification research, customs auditing and trade data analytics/business intelligence.

Working in conjunction with GTM applications, Global Data Mining and CUSTOMS Info’s strategic partners include SAP, Oracle, and other trade software partners. Please visit http://www.customsinfo.com, http://www.gdmllc.com for more information.

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