(Gawkwire) – Cyber Host Pro, which is one of the top players in the UK’s cloud hosting industry now partners with Parallels and to celebrate the new Parallels Plesk 11 release, Cyber Host Pro has announced some irresistible offers during the launch week. Parallels Plesk 11 is all set to be launched on 26 June. Cyber Host Pro has announced some very interesting offers during the launch week that runs from 26th June to 3rd July.

Cyber Host Pro are offering the Unlimited Domains Plesk license totally free to customers that order Cyber Host Pro Dedicated Servers during the offer period. To make the offer even more interesting the company has also announced an additional bonus worth $800. the additional bonus includes Smartertools bundle which includes Smartermail Pro, Smarterstats Pro and Smartertrack Pro for those choosing Windows 2008 Server.

Business owners that are planning to launch a website or planning to change the servers should make the best use of this opportunity to grab the special offers from Cyber Host Pro, the cloud hosting company in the UK.

Cyber Host Pro to offer customers with the most dependable hosting services uses brand new 2012 Dell R210 v2 servers with Intel Quadcore 3.1Ghz, 16GB Ram, 2 x 500GB Hard disks with optional Free Raid. The company guarantees customers with the most dependable hosting solutions. The already impressive hosting packages offered by Cyber Host Pro is bound to become even more popular with the latest offer that marks the launch of Plesk 11 Panel. Cost conscious customers always prefer Cyber Host Pro and the completely free Unlimited Domains Plesk license, gives such customers added reason to choose Cyber Host Pro.

Cyber Host Pro is noted for the company’s competitive prices on the latest and greatest hardware. Though the company prices all the hosting packages very competitively, keeps the standard of the services unparalleled. The secure dedicated servers at Cyber Host Pro gives customers great peace of mind. Cyber Host Pro also extends customers with very reliable customer service. Customers enjoy prompt and diligent customer service. Customers that signup for the dedicated servers at Cyber Host Pro will now be able to enjoy the latest Plesk 11 Panel for Linux. The latest Plesk Panel gives additional security and features to websites.

Besides the above attractions, the dedicated server packages at Cyber Host Pro already comes with several value add features. The company sets up the dedicated servers in just 24 hours and charges no setup fee. To ensure highest level of stability the company uses Manchester data centre in the UK. Cyber Host Pro promises customers with the highest level of satisfaction and excellent value for money.

About Cyber Host Pro

Cyber Host Pro is a leading hosting service provider in the UK. The company specialises in offering cloud hosting services. Cyber Host Pro also offers reseller hosting services besides VPS and Dedicated hosting servers. To know more about the dedicated hosting services offered by Cyber Host Pro visit http://www.cyberhostpro.com/servers/dedicated-servers/.

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