San Diego, CA ( Engine Ready announced today the release of ConversionCritic, an online tool available to search engine marketers designed to help marketers analyze and improve their landing pages. For a limited time, ConversionCritic will be available to the public free of charge.

ConversionCritic is the only online tool that effectively scores a marketer’s landing page based on 37 criteria, providing key feedback on suggested modifications for increasing conversion. Marketers will receive summary and detailed reports on the Marketing effectiveness, Offer clarity, Readability, and Engagement (using the acronym MORE) of their pages.

“The dynamics that persuade a visitor to be your customer are numerous and complex, and depend on your product/service offering, competitive influences and the demographics of your target audience”, reports Engine Ready’s CEO Jamie Smith. “ConversionCritic is a great online tool for search marketers to see exactly which on-page factors are contributing to higher conversions and what improvements are needed to further increase the conversion rate.”
To access ConversionCritic, visit For a limited time Engine Ready will be making this tool available to the public at no charge.

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