Schenectady, NY ( FireThread, a Schenectady-based full-service interactive Web design and custom software development firm, today announced the launch of its new, complete ecommerce solution. FireThread Ecommerce is designed to help companies of all sizes better market their products and services, strengthen their brand and improve the online experience for their customers.

Grounded in real-time Web analytics, analysis and refinement, FireThread Ecommerce is a custom-designed ecommerce solution based on clients’ marketing needs. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface allows users to fine-tune every aspect of their Web site for improved results and increased revenue.

The FireThread Ecommerce solution includes:

    * Design
    * Customization
    * Store front and shopping cart
    * Product database set up
    * Hosting
    * Server and database management
    * Updates and modifications

These features together with online marketing drive customers to a client’s Web site to make an immediate impact.

"FireThread Ecommerce was created with the goal of helping companies of all sizes shift to a Web-centric business model allowing them to grow with lower advertising and operating costs," says Ryan Menzer, President of FireThread. "We have a clear vision about how the Internet can develop our clients’ overall business and we are confident that FireThread Ecommerce and our Web expertise help them achieve their Web-based marketing goals."

By using the FireThread Ecommerce solution, companies will enhance their Web marketing experience and be able to:

    * Develop a rich, interactive experience for customers
    * Track performance of sales and provide instant inventory updates
    * Optimize Web site for search engine placement
    * Plan and implement key word marketing campaigns
    * Create landing pages for targeted campaigns
    * Develop interactive showcases, demonstrations and videos
    * Provide management and tracking of multiple shipments
    * ntegrate with and export to back office software

As a trusted business partner, FireThread is committed to training and helping their clients understand every nuance about their Web site. This proactive, hands-on approach eliminates the ‘intimidation fact’ and the need for expensive overhead to employ a technology staff to manage and implement its Web site.

"We can assure our clients that we will never overwhelm them with overly-technical details and will take the time to guide them through every step of the process using non-tech speak to make their excursion into Web-based marketing a fun and profitable experience," says Melina Iacovone, Director of Marketing and Client Services at FireThread. "FireThread takes a simple approach for marketing our client’s products and services for improved results and increased sales revenue."

FireThread Ecommerce is available now. For pricing information or to schedule a demo, please contact FireThread at

For more information about FireThread’s Ecommerce solution, go to

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