San Francisco, CA ( GoGrid, the Cloud Computing division of ServePath, LLC today announced the release of its cloudcenter API OpenSpec (open specification) under the Creative Commons ShareAlike license. This allows any Cloud Computing provider to build an API based on this OpenSpec, as well as to modify, share, and republish changes to the specification itself and profit from these efforts.

This innovative move reaffirms GoGrid and ServePath’s continuing commitment to the Open Source and Open License movement as well as setting an example in establishing open standards, transparency and commonality within the Cloud Computing Marketplace. Tools written to this OpenSpec standard will control both the GoGrid cloud platform and the products of other compatible cloud computing providers.
GoGrid is simultaneously releasing the GoGrid cloudcontrol™ command line utility, which exercises the functionality in the cloudcenter API OpenSpec. This utility is released under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) which enables the broadest adoption while also encouraging reuse and sharing in conjunction with the OpenSpec.

This release is in the spirit of the original IETF mission statement (RFC3935) that specifies the creation of standards based on "rough consensus and running code." GoGrid actively encourages the support and interest of the Cloud Computing Community in further developing this OpenSpec and will be revising and working towards updating the cloudcenter API and the its OpenSpec in a manner that fosters the community, interoperability and ease of use.

"This OpenSpec for the GoGrid API shows our commitment to openness, standards and innovation in the Cloud Computing space. We’re the first Cloud vendor to actively allow other Clouds to copy our API, creating more competition while also deepening cooperation," said Randy Bias, VP of Product Strategy of GoGrid. "This move will encourage collaboration in defining Cloud interoperability that will be important for both Cloud Computing vendors and their customers."

Further information on the GoGrid cloudcenter API OpenSpec and license can be found at:

Information on the GoGrid cloudcontrol command line utility can be found at:

GoGrid’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows GoGrid users to programmatically control their GoGrid environments. While the existing GUI enables users to easily and quickly create complex network infrastructures, the addition of the GoGrid API provides the ability to:

– skin their own GoGrid portals
– retrieve real-time billing and usage information
– script and chain various GoGrid commands for automation
– instantly query GoGrid environments to retrieve variables about all objects
– hook GoGrid functions into other computing environments or management tools

The GoGrid API is for Developers, System Administrators, SMBs, Start-ups, Web 2.0 companies and Resellers, providing them the freedom to control the GoGrid Cloud Infrastructure via the clearly documented public API. The GoGrid API uses a REST-like Query interface where queries are sent via HTTP GET or POST requests to the API server. API keys are easily generated and managed within the GoGrid portal, can have role-based access controls (RBAC) applied to them and are unlimited. The current API output formats are JSON and XML. All commands delivered via the API are immediately reflected within the GoGrid web interface. Users can, for example, build API scripts that "get" available unused IP addresses, "add" servers with the unassigned IPs, and "power" the servers up.

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