(Gawkwire) – Anyone who signs up for an account at MyAjaxApp.com will receive a free trial and receive full access to the complete database service, with no obligation for 15 days. If customers like using AjaxDB at the end of 15 days, they will be asked to enter their billing information and pay a monthly base rate of 25$ from that point on.

“We had a great response to our launch in February. 75% of the people that signed up for our service told us they wished they had an opportunity to play with our multi-tenant database service before being committed to it on a monthly basis. We greatly value our customers feedback and implemented the free trial right away, in response to their input,” says Jerry Visser, owner of MyAjaxApp.com.

MyAjaxApp.com offers a powerful database service that integrates directly with jQuery creating an instantly available database for HTML and JavaScript developers. With full access to the database-as-a-service, this free trial will enable customers to load their newly created databases immediately into their websites. Jerry Visser says, “There is an element of instant gratification that comes with using AjaxDB that you just can’t get with other services and we really look forward to people to experiencing that!”

MyAjaxApp.com released its premier product, AjaxDB, in February to which many people from all over the world have signed up for. MyAjaxApp.com is a growing company owned by Jerry Visser. 

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