Las Vegas, NV (GAWKWIRE.COM) The Distributed Computing Industry Association (, a trade organization with more than one-hundred Member companies including peer-to-peer and social networking software developers and distributors (P2Ps), Internet service providers (ISPs), content rights holders (CRHs), and service-and-support companies, announced P2Pwords™ by Brand Asset Digital is the recipient of its 2008 DCIA Groundbreaker’s "Product of the Year" Award.

The award was presented at a special ceremony to Joey Patuleia, Brand Asset Digital’s Co-Founder, during the second annual P2P MEDIA SUMMIT at CES.

"The DCIA Groundbreaker’s Award is presented annually to that company which has achieved the greatest breakthrough in attracting distribution partners to advance distributed computing technologies for commercial purposes," said DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty in making the award.

"Brand Asset Digital’s first-and-only search-engine marketing platform for P2P search, P2Pwords, has quickly become the product of the year. This platform, which is the first pay-per-click (PPC) for P2P search, gives advertisers the unique ability to target and connect their branded content directly to consumers via P2P search. P2Pwords applies the highly successful business model of PPC keyword targeting to the 1.5 billion searches a day that comprise P2P traffic, a consumptive marketplace accounting for almost 70% of Internet bandwidth. P2Pwords campaigns have already generated over two billion impressions a day – over sixty billion a month – across all P2P search engines."

The P2P MEDIA SUMMIT at CES featured keynotes from top P2P software and digital video distributors, panels of industry leaders, and special workshops.

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