New York, New York – (The Hosting News) ReliableSite.Net LLC has completed its deployment of Juniper hardware firewalls, offering the industry’s most respected and preeminent security technology.

Radic Davydov, Owner of ReliableSite explained, ”’After mitigating a number of isolated security incidents in the past several months, we saw the need to raise our security efforts to the next level. In choosing Juniper, we opted for a premium solution that delivers one of the most reliable and effective security solutions available in our industry.”

The Juniper devices have been deployed network-wide in ReliableSite’s New York, New York datacenter facility, and all existing customers automatically receive protection from the new hardware firewalls. There are no additional costs or requirements for customers as part of the upgrade. In addition to the hardware firewalls, ReliableSite utilizes a vast variety of other security practices and technologies to protect its customers.

Juniper makes an assortment of network management hardware devices. ReliableSite has adopted enterprise-grade hardware from Juniper’s robust security technologies portfolio. ReliableSite offers a power uptime guarantee in its New York datacenter, outfitted with UPS and diesel generator backups, cooling backup with multiple redundant temperature and humidity controls, and round-the-clock network uptime with a series of premium top-tier bandwidth providers.

In the next several months, ReliableSite plans to introduce dedicated severs in a second datacenter facility. Details will be available in future announcements.

Since 2006, ReliableSite has been serving individuals and businesses internationally with its line of shared and dedicated web hosting solutions. Offering 24/365 technical support, all technicians are Microsoft Certified Professionals and fully qualified in their field.

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