(Gawkwire) – RockSolid SQL has announced they are hosting a Webinar which focuses on Big Data. This Webinar will be held October 20th/21st (depending on timezone) and will be presented by RockSolid SQL Director, and data management expert, Tony Bain. The webinar will discuss technologies such as NoSQL, NewSQL and Hadoop and explain why these are relevant with a focus on the enterprise.

“It is an exciting and interesting time to be involved in data. More change of influence has occurred in database management in the last 18 months than has occurred in the last 18 years” says Tony. “New technologies such as NoSQL & Hadoop and radical redesigns of existing technologies, like NewSQL, will change dramatically how we manage data moving forward”.

Tony also expressed his views on how such technologies will change the landscape within the enterprise, an environment which has been the traditional stronghold of the RDBMS. “The relational database has clearly been the most significant technology in data management over the last 30 years. However we are now seeing a shift in early adopter markets” says Tony. “While the RDBMS will remain the single most significant data management technology for the foreseeable future, alternatives have recently appeared on the horizon. Many of these new technologies were created to overcome limitations of some RDBMS’s when applied to extreme requirements, such as very large data sets or very high scalability”.

The Webinar is free and runs for 60 minutes. To register visit https://redrockevents.webex.com/redrockevents/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=869100422

About RockSolid SQL

RockSolid SQL is a company that developed the RockSolid SQL Server database management product, and also provides outsourced SQL Server database support. RockSolid is owned by Red Rock Consulting a UX. company .

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