MONTREAL, Canada ( Royalty Networks, a leading provider of Linux and Windows clustered hosting solutions, announced today it has released its new Web site design, along with new clustered hosting plans.

Previously known as Royalty Hosting, Royalty Networks offers quality Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting and Dual-Platform Reseller Hosting based on a state-of-the-art clustered hosting architecture. These multi-platform clustered solutions are meant to cover the needs of many individuals searching for reliable web hosting.

“Compared to traditional hosting, clustered hosting offers more scalability, better performance and higher availability by spreading the load of your Web site across multiple specialized nodes. This innovative type of web hosting is ideal for those looking for ultimate performance and uptime for their Web sites,” said David Ohayon, founder and CEO of Royalty Networks.
With its competitive hosting plans, Royalty Networks makes an upgrade to a multi-server clustered hosting environment easy and affordable.

Royalty Networks has also fully redesigned its Web site and introduced many key features, one of them being a new Network Status page to announce all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance notices in real-time via Twitter, RSS and email. Twitter integration with the company’s new Web site will open an additional communication stream to stay in touch with its client base by delivering exciting deals and up-to-the-minute information about Royalty Networks’ service status.

Royalty Networks can be followed on Twitter at

With its new name, new design and new clustered hosting plans, Royalty Networks is confident that it will gain the trust of many clients looking for affordable and reliable hosting solutions.

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