Houston, Texas – (The Hosting News) Web hosting company, The Planet, has unveiled 14 of its most popular servers, through Feb. 28, with discounts up to 54 percent on select servers from its Dell-exclusive portfolio.

Urvish Vashi, Director of Product Management explained, ”With more than 20,000 customers and 56,000 servers, The Planet has substantial purchasing power with the ability to offer brand-name servers at great prices. We saw an uptick in customer response when we last offered these prices, so we’re bringing the promotion back in honor of Valentine’s Day to show our appreciation for customers. In these tough economic times, we offer the best value for their IT dollar.”

Among the server specials running with this promotion are the following:

The Celeron 2.0+, formerly $89 per month, is now $69, the lowest-priced server in the company portfolio.

The popular Xeon 3040 is now $119 per month, down from $149.

The Dual Xeon 3.2 offers significant savings at $135 per month, a 54 percent reduction.

The new Xeon 3360, originally $199, is now promotionally priced at $169, a savings of $30 per month.

The new high-performance Dual Xeon 5450 is promotionally priced at $275, a 31 percent discount.

Ultimately, The Planet endeavors to provide:

High levels of network capacity and speed to deliver peak performance

Instant scalability to handle even the largest spikes in network traffic

Parallel, redundant, multi-tiered network routing and switching architecture to assure reliability and stability

Multiple layer network security that prevents Delayed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks from harming businesses

Knowledgeable experts with a passion for excellence and a commitment to operate the best networks in the business

The Planet is a leading provider of On Demand IT Infrastructure solutions, hosting over 22,000 small and medium size businesses and 15.2 million web sites worldwide, using the best choice of servers, software tools and support, backed by enhanced facilities and network connectivity.

To learn more about The Planet’s specials, please visit: www.theplanet.com/dedicated-server/server-specials.

For more information about The Planet, please visit: www.theplanet.com.

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