(Gawkwire.com) VantagePoint Security, a leader in information security, today launched a series of web-based eLearning courses aimed at helping companies add a third line of defense toward protecting their confidential data. By training all staff members in an organization on the essentials of security awareness – whether its information security, customer data and payment information, or mobile computing – companies of all sizes can greatly increase their security measures and lessen the chances of a catastrophic breach.

“Most corporate IT teams implement strong hardware and software solutions to fortify a company against security leaks and potential data loss. This is a great line of defense, however studies indicate that more than 70% of data loss can be attributed to human error,” said Terry Zajic, VantagePoint Security’s Managing Partner. “Every individual within the organization unknowingly is a potential breach for the security measures IT has instilled.”
Designed by leading security consultants and industry experts, the VantagePoint Security eLearning courses provide a cost-effective way to educate staff on the many areas where a company’s information security may be breached. The courses help employees to understand their role in the company’s security measures, and give them the tools they need to develop good data protection habits and recognize potential threats.

“Our eLearning courses are based on our real-world experience working with international companies to address their security concerns. Each course is designed to help organizations of all sizes better safeguard their data through awareness training,” stated Zajic.

The first two courses in the eLearning series are available immediately. Introduction to Information Security arms staff with the critical knowledge they need to help protect data, networks and confidential information from unintentional or deliberate security breaches by addressing security vulnerabilities that occur in the course of everyday business computing from weak passwords to network-based attacks. Secure Mobile Computing builds on this by delving into the crucial security vulnerabilities staff faces while working out of the office —lost or stolen laptops, compromised confidential information, and unsecured networks. Both courses are intended for the non-technical audience. All eLearning courses are SCORM compliant and meet the regulatory compliance requirements for security awareness training. More information can be found at http://www.vantagepointsecurity.com/elearning.html

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