(Gawkwire.com) – topseos.com, an independent authority on search vendors has recently announced the winners of 2010 in SEO & PPC categories as part of their Annual SEO & PPC Competition Awards. The Annual SEO & PPC Competition is the first and only category-based internet award competition dedicated exclusively to online providers over 30 countries worldwide. Companies or agencies wishing to register for competition may do so before the extended deadline on 31st of March 2011.

Companies joining this competition will reap numerous benefits as companies are able to leverage against competitors, get their name in front of Fortune 500 CIOs, attract better quality customers and employees, be recognized as a leading firm and show off their achievements. This competition is geared to help represent the excellence, achievement, and passion towards satisfied clients and aid online companies to further leverage their unique position and breakthrough competitive clutter.

The 2010 Annual SEO & PPC Competition Awards have accepted entries from 30 countries in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Management categories. Entries judged to be outstanding will be receiving an SEO & PPC Award. Each company that enters the SEO & PPC competition is evaluated over a period of one year. The methodology in selecting the winners is centered on customer satisfaction, the depth of knowledge in the field, reporting methods, practicing what is preached, and additional discrete competitive advantages.

Jeev Trika, Managing Partner of topseos.com shares, "Customer satisfaction is measured in every phase by ensuring that we communicate to the customers of each entrant on a quarterly basis during the one year long evaluation. Queries on the status of the project, the quality of services being performed, the status on the return of their investment are asked on four separate occasions during the year to ensure that no fluke winners are announced at the end of the evaluation.”

topseos.com congratulates the winners of the 2010 SEO and PPC competition. These firms have exemplified their commitment to excellence for the services they provide. All these winners have been reviewed over an entire year, undergone a 4 phase analysis and have come out strong each quarter. Furthermore, these firms understand and excel at customer satisfaction, possess a great depth of knowledge, provide useful information to their clients during projects, manifest great unique advantages and practice what they preach during project management.

2010 SEO Competition Winners
1.)    Customer Magnetism         
2.)    Webimax         
3.)    Slingshot SEO, Inc.         
4.)    SEOP         
5.)    Weblinx Limited         
6.)    Arteworks SEO         
7.)    eVisibility, Inc.         
8.)    SEO Moves         
9.)    Evoba         
10.)    SEO Valley   

2010 PPC Competition Winners
1.)    JumpFly, Inc.         
2.)    Webimax         
3.)    SEOP         
4.)    Wpromote, Inc.         
5.)    SEO Moves         
6.)    eVisibility, Inc.         
7.)    Bruce Clay Inc.         
8.)    iSearch Media, LLC         
9.)    Web.com Search Agency         
10.)    SEO Inc.

This is the perfect time for strong vendors to shine in the spotlight they deserve and add quality clients to their portfolio who are desperately seeking to align with competent internet marketing service providers. This year, online providers can start registering for the 2011 Annual SEO & PPC competition. The scale is big. The competition is big and the stakes, even bigger.

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