Keyword EvolutionIt’s important to stay up-to-date on how things evolve in the world of SEO so that you can strategize your online marketing plans appropriately. One change that has taken place recently in the online world of content is the use of keywords and how they should be used. Rather than keeping your keyword use the same as always, it’s important to keep your website and content healthy by updating your practices.

When you’re working on your marketing goals for the year, make sure you take the time to discuss your keyword strategies to make sure that your keyword use is bringing customers to your brand. Check out some of the updates thanks to Google’s Panda and Penguin updates that ensures it’s not as simple as using a heavy amount of keywords in your content to get those high rankings anymore.

How keyword strategy has evolved

You may remember when keyword strategy was completely based on a relevance of the keyword, the importance of choosing creative keywords with low competition, and the focus on search volume. While these elements still have importance, it doesn’t work quite the same as it once did.

Obviously it’s important that your keywords are relevant to the business that they are pertaining to, otherwise they shouldn’t be used. When a person is seeking out a keyword and lands on your website which has nothing to do with their search, they will immediately be perturbed by your brand rather than glad they came across your product. They will quickly click away from your website and misjudge your brand for not being transparent. This has been and always will be an important element to keyword strategy.

The other two areas that have always been important in keyword strategy is search volume and the competitive nature of a keyword. Since anything in your content could be something that has been searched for before, you need to make sure your search volume for your main keywords are high. Work with 3rd party automation tools online to calculate a keyword’s search volume.

Google has a great program called Keyword Planner to help you out. Then, work on choosing your keywords with lower competition to make sure you have a competitive advantage on the word or phrase. Using a keyword analysis tool will help you determine if your keyword has a great deal of competition nationally and globally, which may help you see if you’re competing with 5 million websites or more like 5,000 websites for search rankings.

How things are changing

KeywordsNow that you have the idea of how things have always worked with keywords and how you can make sure to strategize yours well, it’s a good idea to look at how things are changing going forward. The internet is always evolving and trends will come and go.

This means that your website is bound to evolve, your customers’ needs will change, and search methods will change. While you still need to focus on relevant keywords to your brand, finding low competition options, and the search volume, you also need to consider your approach.

As time goes on, more and more websites are being born and encouraging more competition. Webpages are growing at an increasingly fast rate but only so many of those websites can make the high rankings for a keyword. Even though keywords have only been made aware for about a decade, people are starting to get smarter about what they are, how to use them, and how to rank higher than the next guy.

Along with staying competitive this year, you need to make sure you are staying relevant online and current with the trends. Right now, people are crazy about shopping online and searching about products online. If you haven’t added an e-commerce option to your website, this is the time to do it.

While you may have an excellent website, blog, content, and are known as an authority in your niche, if you aren’t offering products to your visitors, you may find they leave you for another just-as-good website that does offer the things they need. Bring in new technology like voice search options and Google Now, Google’s digital personal assistant to online shoppers that are trying to browse the web faster and simpler.

SEO KeywordsKeep in mind that your audience is searching for you on their computers and smartphones more than anything, making it important that your site is easy to use for those looking you up on the go via laptop or their phone and tablet.

Lastly, keep in mind that with the option to search via voice, people are starting to ask their devices to search for things by asking it questions. While you’re more likely to search in a keyword into Google that is just a word or two, when it comes to voice search, people are asking it questions now. Instead of “local seafood,” a person may ask “where can I find local fresh seafood in Houston?” Make sure that your keywords have three or four words combined for a long tail keyword search.

When you’re working on this year’s marketing strategies, make sure to make part of your meeting all about keywords and how they have evolved to modern trends despite some of the fundamental strategies still being relevant. If you don’t, you may not be able to take full advantage of how keywords work for SEO and other parts of your marketing strategy.

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