(www.gawkwire.com) – Pop-up ads can be incredibly annoying when you are surfing the web, but most Internet users have simply learned to grin and bear it. However, thanks to Apple’s latest move, I-phone users can now download powerful ad-blocking software that will prevent banner ads and video ads.

Karl Volkman, CTO of SRV Network, Inc., says, “This latest move by Apple shows that the tech giant really understands the ways in which young people are using their phones. From Facebook games to i-Phone apps, today’s user is relying on his phone for entertainment more than ever, and nothing sucks away from entertainment like having to deal with a million annoying ads.”

However, users are not the only ones who are going to benefit from this new technology. Apple is going to reap major rewards by forcing advertisers to pay them for the right to advertise on their devices.

“Since Apple is going to block Google-oriented ads, advertisers are going to be forced to pay Apple in order to be able to reach their users. So instead of paying for ad space online, they will be paying Apple to be able to advertise inside of their apps. It’s a genius move by Apple and one that is going to cripple ad revenue to their competitors while channeling all those funds their way.”

About SRV Network, Inc.
SRV Network, Inc. is Microsoft Gold Certified partner that offers a variety of IT services, including a variety of flexible service packages that meet any client requirement, from as-needed technical help to intensive, regular on-site work. They work with all technology platforms and have a broad expertise in a wide variety of technology solutions.  They specialize in Network Design and Implementation, Network Maintenance and Monitoring, Disaster Recovery and Prevention and IP Telephone.

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