When you work in the real-estate industry, you need to reach out to your target audience maybe more than anyone. You work with people directly, selling a home and a lifestyle, which means that you need to find people willing to take a chance on you. Your experience and referrals may serve you well but how else can you expand your customer base?


You need people to help and people need to trust you when looking for their dream home which is a huge milestone. You’ll likely build relationships with the people you help and you’ll need an easy way for these customers to continue interacting with you after the purchase and to tell their friends about you.

The answer to these problems is social media and having an active account for the world to find you and interact. Using social media as a tool is vital for the realtor. When you’re new to social media or want to become more active with it, use this how-to guide for getting your social media game on in the real estate world.

Start educating customers on there

Once you’ve created a social media page, start gaining followers by educating people on the importance of things like staging your home, choosing the right neighborhood, and understanding closing costs. These are the types of things a customer of yours would need to know about anyways; so why not put useful information out there to gain more attention?

Social Media
Once people see that you share valuable content, they will likely share that content with their friends and you may find the right customers following you after noticing all of your helpful information. Start with commonly asked real estate questions, write a blog post about them, and share them on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. When your audience comments or likes these posts of yours, it will gain you more attention too.

Add images and videos

One of the most popular ways to gain attention on social media lately is to post images and videos. Images sell and it has been proven by Facebook who found that posts with images were way more likely to be noticed and shared.

If you’re on Pinterest or Instagram, you’re in a good position to share your photos and videos because these platforms are best setup for it. Post images of your homes, videos of beautiful gardens and restaurants, or infographics with helpful information for your customers. Videos are perfect for walkthroughs of homes and customer testimonials. In fact shoppers that view videos are twice as likely to purchase, which will help you grow profits from new sales and new clients.

Invite to events

Another great way to use social media in real estate is to invite guests to events through social media. Set up an open house or company party for your customer base by inviting them right on social media. Using social media makes it easy for your customers to invite their friends that could turn into potential buyers too.

Social Media Marketing

You can even use social media to share content from your favorite real estate sources to make you look like more of an expert in the industry, to talk about local happenings in the area like an expansion in your local downtown, to share an exclusive listing for the week, and to show off how happy you made a customer with their new home purchase.

Social media is a great way to promote the business and to improve yourself in real estate. Without it, you’re competition has a leg up on you and may be taking your commissions.

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