Facebook engagement is really important for companies that rely on social media exposure. Being a great tool for bloggers and publishers, it’s important that you stay active on the site and engage with your audience. That means that you can’t just rely on it to be a way to make money or generate traffic; you really need to engage with the community too.

Sometimes people are going to have negative things to say on your social media page and you need to publicly show that you care about their concerns, you want to remedy the situation, and you aren’t afraid to handle the hard stuff. You also need to get people thinking of you by posting interesting blog posts, questions to start a conversation, or inspiration photos and quotes. When you have run out of ways to increase your engagement on Facebook, use these tips to improve this part of things this year.

Understanding the news feed

The first place to start is to learn the ins and outs of the news feed feature of Facebook. It’s what your audience is going to look at first which means you need to know how to get noticed on theirs. Facebook posts the most important items to users first. When you post something, it needs to be worthy of making it to the top of news feeds by getting plenty of “likes,” sharing a photo or video, or through other techniques.

You also will do better if you become someone that people want to “follow” because those are likely to show up first on a feed. Facebook has really made it a point to help users find the most relevant information to them first by determining when users are opening the site, who they add as a friend, who they follow, and through their “relevancy” scoring system for stories that are based on who posted it, if the user liked it, overall interactions through comments or likes, etc.

Recommendations from Facebook for publishers

The best way to increase your fan base is to follow Facebook’s formula for publishers. Facebook recommends that you create great headlines that will compel your audience to read, but only if it’s good information rather than click-bait. Avoid overly promoting yourself and instead provide useful information to people that will allow them to gain trust in your brand. Don’t be afraid to experiment with publisher tools such as video, Facebook live, long form, and more.

Your audience will respond to each style differently and it’s a good way to switch things up, keep people interested, and see which one really sticks for you. use the audience optimization tool which Facebook has setup for when you post an article, so that you can narrow down the audience who will see it. By limiting the post by age, gender, or location, it will optimize it for the intended audience.

Keep in mind that the best way to improve your engagement is to start targeting your posts, tag you friends or other brands, and post more frequently. Sometimes people are doing everything right but they are neglecting little tips like these.

These are the best ways to increase your Facebook engagement this year.

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