SEO Blog PostsContent is a huge part of SEO and readable blog posts make a big difference. With the right tips and advice, you can write blog posts perfect for your readers and the search engines.

Reading a computer screen isn’t as easy as reading a newspaper or a page in a book. Making your blog posts easy to read will go a very long way with conversions and returning visitors. Here are a few tips to help you create readable SEO blog posts.

Your Audience is the Focus

Stop stuffing keywords or trying to sneak them in where they don’t fit. Instead, focus on your audience and the keywords will be there. Choose a topic your audience will enjoy and write about the topic instead of trying to write the post around specific keywords.

Knowing your audience and focusing on your audience will make a huge difference. If you don’t write for your audience, you won’t have any real chance of attracting visitors and converting them into subscribers, sales or followers.

Clear, Concise and Short

Writing for an online audience isn’t the same as writing for an offline audience. You need to use shorter paragraphs, concise ideas and get to the point faster. Long blocks of text are hard to read and long sentences can turn off readers.

Keep your paragraphs smaller and keep the content very clear. Concise content gets to the point and provides plenty of value for the reader without much searching. This will help ensure your content is scannable, which is how most people read online.

No Need for Big Words

Big WordsUnless you’re audience is Harvard graduates, you don’t need to use a ton of big words. It’s not time to show off you vocabulary skills as larger words are hard to read and take away from the value you are trying to provide.

Any word with more than four syllables is considered difficult to read and should be limited. Of course, you cannot always avoid these words, but try to limit them whenever possible.

Signal Words Help

When writing, consider using signal words to help make your text easier to ready. These are also known as transition worlds and include because, thus, most important, however, etc. These words provide direction for the reader and let them know something is coming up in the article. You can also use words, such as first, second, third, last to help signal to the reader what is coming next.

Mix Things Up

Mix It UpYou don’t want to spend your time writing with the same words over and over again. This becomes very boring for the reader and they may lose interest. Try not to repeat the same word throughout your content. Instead, use synonyms to make the text varied for the reader.

There are several things you can do to create more readable SEO blog posts. The main key is to concentrate on writing for the reader and not the search engines. This will help you create content that will actually convert and provide something of value for the reader.

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