(Gawkwire.com) – Companies that actively use inbound marketing to work and monitor SEO and social media can start to see inbound marketing leads almost immediately. Jungle Torch helps companies with their inbound marketing in several ways. Clients have the ability to view an SEO analysis of their company versus their competitors while also tracking a number of variables that are crucial for SEO success. Jungle Torch strengthens inbound marketing by continually checking the keywords and phrases not only for you, but also for your competition. You can see exactly where you are ranking real-time and have the ability to see all the words that your company ranks for. This inbound marketing feature is important due to the fact that many companies continually discover words and phrases they rank high for, yet they were never aware of before Jungle Torch. 

“Customers that find and actively engage your company are often the most qualified customer. They are actively searching for a qualified solution to their problem,” said Anoop Rohera, co-founder, JungleTorch. “With an Inbound Marketing tool like Jungle Torch you have the ability make your company more visible through search by strengthening your SEO” Rohera said.

About JungleTorch
The JungleTorch SEO and Social Media Dashboard is a new inbound marketing tool that gives unprecedented insight into a broad range of critical Web-based outlets. It is a purpose-engineered program that consolidates diverse marketing analytics into a powerful, single platform. Powered by a custom-designed sentiment engine, Jungle Torch provides an easy-to-understand, single view into Twitter, blogs and news analytics with targeted identification of postings relevant to the user’s organization, as well as a complete sentiment analysis that determines whether online comments are trending positively or negatively. 

In addition to social network analysis, JungleTorch also gives users the ability to measure the success of SEO programs, including providing the rank of a user’s Web site on hundreds of keywords and phrases, determining the SEO-friendliness of a Web site and the usefulness of links and measuring competitive SEO ROI inbound and outbound linking, as well as fifteen other critical SEO metrics.

JungleTorch is based in Portsmouth, N.H. For more information, please visit us on the Web at www.jungletorch.com.

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