(Gawkwire.com) – We are pleased to announce this module at the request of our customers who want to see an increased ROI in their current form of advertising forms like listings, promotions and coupons. Customers can now carry specific book marks where ever they post the ads, listings and promotions in online touch points. Leads can show their intent by book marking, and send selected shortlist products/services to vendors on social media. In a way Kamyoo enables a social collaboration in decision process between customers, their social network and vendors.

We made it very easy to use, Here is how it works.

    Setup business listings or promotions business pages on Facebook
    Advertise online for promotions and listings.
    Carry the book mark into all the promotions ,Ads and postings
    Leads coming into all the web touch points ,can book mark ,share and refer to their friends
    Leads can show the intent of purchase by sending vendor shortlist.
    Business can influence the purchasing decision and close the transaction
    Leads can view the same advertisements on Facebook pages for a longer period.

Key benefits for Business

1)    A collaborative approach for intent expression and purchasing process on social networks (Facebook)
2)    Track and communicate to interested visitors
3)    Opportunity to qualify the lead and influence to make a wise choice
4)    Exposure to greater audience on social media channels

Bottom Line: The module enables to identify new buyers (for lead generation), accelerates the customer buying process (for lead nurturing) and improves sales productivity and revenue growth.

For additional details visit http://www.kamyoo.com 

About Kamyoo:

Kamyoo is an end to end cost effective social media solution for businesses which integrates fully into business models. Kamyoo is a integrated social media platform which Consists of

1)Social media presence with a wide range of engagement apps

2)Social network application management

3)Social lead engagement

4)Integration to CRM/ERP systems

5)Social media Analytics

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