(Gawkwire) – LionWeb Inc. announces the move out of beta of its new search engine, SearchLion.com, after 2 months of beta testing. SearchLion introduces several new features which make the search process faster, easier, and more productive.

Foremost among these features is SearchBrowsing, which allows users to open and browse search results right on the search page. By clicking a button next to any search result, the chosen webpage opens up in an embedded window and is fully browseable.

“Searching the web often involves a lot of clicking back-and-forth and opening several tabs or windows to find what you’re looking for. SearchLion totally eliminates that part of the search process. “ says LionWeb’s CEO, Feivi Arnstein.

SearchBrowsing also allows for a new way to share websites. A user can open multiple search results with SearchBrowsing, and then simply send someone his SearchLion url. The url will automatically open up the chosen websites within SearchLion.

SearchLion also introduces several other features like MultiView, which allows users to search and view different types of search results of their choosing simultaneously, and Saved Searches, which allows users to save their searches and opened websites and reopen them at a later time.

Beta-launched at the end of June and now ready for the public, LionWeb is celebrating this release with a one-of-a-kind giveaway. The company will be giving away two million shares for free. 40 shares will be given to the first 40,000 people that sign up, equaling 1.6 million shares. 1000 shares will then be given to 10 people at random every day, for eight weeks, Monday through Friday.

About LionWeb Inc.

LionWeb was founded by Feivi Arnstein together with a group of web entrepreneurs to reevaluate and improve the current state of the web surfing experience. LionWeb Inc. launched their new search engine, SearchLion.com in beta in 2011. In addition to the SearchLion search engine, web applications are also being developed in the online shopping and browsing spaces, utilizing the same concepts SearchLion.com does to create a new experience in those respective categories.

For more information, please visit: http://www.searchlion.com/

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