(Gawkwire.com) – It’s an exciting day for both MorePro Marketing and Big Bass Realty to be able to get this SEO campaign underway. The Poconos realty company has recently gone under an ownership change which was all but major. New owner Mike Crawley worked as an affiliate with Big Bass Realty as a construction contractor with Ar-Tech and helped build the Poconos vacation homes that have created the vibrant community. With Crawley as the head of home construction and sales, buyers can now purchase, rent, build and insure their Poconos homes for sale under one roof.

Crawley understood the potential that lies within this unique PA home buying experience and has taken forward motion in Search Engine Optimization marketing. With the help of MorePro Marketing, Big Bass Realty hopes to increase its sales through an online presence that will be built up with the unique strategies of the SEO team at MorePro.

“This campaign will be a unique opportunity to strategize a complete marketing campaign from the start now that the company is under new ownership” says Aaron Garcia, MorePro Account Manager. Even from the very first review of the site during the sales process, the SEO team at MorePro could see incredible opportunities to implement strategies for Big Bass Realty and truly dive head first into the competition.

The Big Bass Lake area of Pennsylvania is absolutely gorgeous and convincing those interested in renting or buying homes in the Poconos area is not so hard when you have such beautiful pictures to show. MorePro’s goals are to help drive the traffic to Big Bass Realty’s site with customized SEO strategies and help visitors discover the amazing living opportunities they provide in the Poconos area.

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