“Search Engine Workshops focuses on teaching how to move beyond SEO ‘tips, tricks and best practices’ and empowers students to create successful SEO strategies with accuracy and exactness based upon mathematical methods of optimization. Students gain a true understanding of how search engines work and what makes a web page relevant,” said John Alexander, Search Engine Workshops co-founder. “Armed with this knowledge, students are able to achieve their SEO goals in the least amount of time while knowing exactly what works and why.”

Our guest for this year’s special 3-Day Anniversary event will be SEO, Mathematician and Semantics expert Michael Marshall who, together with founders Robin Nobles and John Alexander will be sharing the freshest high performance SEO skills training for 2011.

One key differentiator for Search Engine Workshops is the small size of its classes, which are limited usually to 20 students and filled on a first come, first serve basis. This ensures instructors are able to give each student individual attention to detail and 1-on-1 support needed to help them achieve their own unique goals. Instructors perform individualized web site audits for each student and give them daily progress evaluations. In addition, students have the opportunity to earn certification that is recognized and approved by the US educational system for Continuing Education Units. Following the workshops, students continue to benefit from Search Engine Workshops 6-month SEO focused mentoring program with direct ongoing support from Nobles and Alexander.

"As a returning student, this is the best SEO program I have attended. Search Engine Academy is more than a class with a static PowerPoint presentation – it is an interactive educational experience with an individual focus. Whenever I had a question, it was great to be able to voice it and get instant feedback,” stated Gail Wright, member of the Search Engine Workshops Alumni Graduates.

"Once people equip themselves with the latest SEO skills, they have multiple career options. Search Engine Academy workshops are also available throughout the US, Canada, Asia and Australia. This makes getting educated as well a staying up to date on the latest methodologies easy for students everywhere,” said Robin Nobles, co-founder of Search Engine Workshops: 


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