(Gawkwire.com) – Searchengineoptimization.co.uk, a leading SEO services company, comment on news that Google has updated its sitemap submission feature that allows multimedia content to be created and submitted in a much easier way.

Searchengineoptimization.co.uk believe that a well-constructed sitemap is important as part of an SEO campaign as it can help a website get indexed much more quickly, and acts as a chart for every page that can be found on a website. However, searchengineoptimization.co.uk know that constructing a standard sitemap can be time-consuming, especially where larger websites with lots of multimedia content are involved.
Google has announced changes to the way that sitemaps can be submitted which will allow for the accommodation of many specialist formats at once. The amendments are thought to have been made because of the rising popularity of videos, images, mobile features and more on websites. People will now be able to submit all of this information and more in one go under the umbrella of one sitemap; supporting multiple content types in one single file.

“We’re certainly looking forward to exploring this new feature in the coming weeks and seeing the benefits it can bring to a website. This is just another evolution in the ever-changing world of search engine optimisation,” comments a spokesperson for Searchengineoptimization.co.uk. “Sitemaps are very important for SEO, so our position is that streamlining the internal submission process should only be positive in the long run. But nothing’s ever straightforward in SEO, and we look forward to discovering more about this feature in due course.”

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