Plymouth, IN ( ThinkBIGsites has again been ranked as a Top 10 Best Search Engine Optimization Firm for January 2010 by specializes in evaluating and ranking companies in a variety of web categories each month.

ThinkBIG is a rapidly growing internet marketing leader that has achieved very notable success in the past year. The company specializes in creating more web traffic and providing outstanding SEO results. Managing Partner, Marc Arner is the creative mastermind behind developing the business model and technical strategies that have quickly propelled ThinkBIG into the global spotlight because of their proven internet marketing results. “I believe that running a world-class company and leading the way in a very competitive industry can only be accomplished with a solid and consistent team effort. In fact, at ThinkBIG we’ve surrounded ourselves with only the brightest and most innovative minds in the business today. I simply lay out the game plan for our team and then they execute it to perfection – I can’t ask for more than that,” said Arner.

This great success calls for expansion so that ThinkBIG can continue to offer great services but to a rapidly widening audience. The demand is certainly there with the company opening “an unprecedented 30 new accounts during the week before Thanksgiving.” In order to accommodate such growth and success, as well as managing the overwhelming demand for its services, ThinkBIG has hired 43 new sales affiliates since September.
Not only has ThinkBIG mastered the art of search engine optimization, the company has also molded itself into a one-stop destination for all web related needs. The company can take a site from creation or redesign, optimize it for solid SEO results, manage the site’s PPC campaigns and just about anything else necessary to keep a clients website in the forefront with a firm hold on their targeted world-wide web audience.

“At ThinkBIG we’ve been setting the standard in SEO and PPC for almost three years now regarding quality service and rapid, high level results. In fact, most ThinkBIG clients have reached page 1 on Google organically within 90 days. Many of our clients are small to midsized companies who now own a very sought after and coveted position within Google’s Top 10 organic rankings – hence, You don’t have to Be BIG to Rank BIG, you just have to ThinkBIG,” said Managing Partner, PJ Cammarata. ThinkBIG experienced tremendous growth in revenue in 2009 with three record breaking quarters in a row. And their fourth quarter revenue surpassed the record third quarter results by 25%.

Along with their proven results, ThinkBIG’s main priority is delivering high quality customer service that goes well beyond just rhetoric. The company also shows great confidence by offering short term initial contracts of only 3 months rather than the 6 or 12 months plus required by many of its competitors. After the fulfillment of the three month contract, ThinkBIG offers their services on a month to month basis so that customers have the option to stop service at anytime thereafter. “In today’s challenging economy, we feel that long term contracts may not always be in the client’s best interest. We find that many companies who are in dire need of high quality web services are often skeptical and hesitant regarding long term commitments. We’ve come to learn that when the client is comfortable and given reasonable expectations, the odds of a successful internet marketing campaign rise dramatically,” said Managing Partner, Marc Arner.

As far as new developments, growth forecasts for the year ahead illustrate that the various records broken in 2009 will be dwarfed by ThinkBIG in 2010. The company’s success in 2009 is clearly evident by its widening brand name recognition and their exceptional industry coverage including being featured recently on CNN’s “Inside Business” for being a proven leader in the internet marketing space. ThinkBIG continues to grow while staying well informed on the latest web techniques and offering exceptional customer service. is proud to call one of its Best Search Engine Optimization firms for January 2010.

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