(Gawkwire.com) SEO Inc. and Attracta have recently partnered to implement search visibility technology to help increase search rankings and traffic for selected clients.

SEO Inc. is now using the Attracta™ search engine submission service to automatically create and submit XML Sitemaps directly to major search engines for its clients. The XML Sitemap submissions ensures search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have the most comprehensive listing of web pages for SEO Inc. clients.

“By partnering with us to maximize search engine visibility for its clients, SEO Inc. recognizes that Sitemaps are a fundamental foundation of SEO,” said Troy McCasland, Attracta’s Vice President of Business Development. “SEO Inc. is a highly respected agency, well known for using both technology and experienced search professionals to generate results. Our SEO technology is just part of the solution for increasing organic traffic. SEO, Inc.’s professional services complete the mix and are needed by many of our 45,000 customers.”

“Attracta has clearly figured out how to help SEO agencies automatically manage and monitor search engine submission and indexing for hundreds of large and small sites,” added Krish Coughran, VP of Business Development at SEO Inc. “Attracta’s technology is especially effective for creating and submitting XML Sitemaps for our larger clients with hundreds of thousands of pages, increasing the likelihood that their most important pages will be found and indexed. This kind of automated service helps our premium custom search engine optimization methodologies deliver even better results.”

How Attracta’s search engine visibility technology helps SEO Inc. Clients
Attracta’s core service is new technology that helps web sites and blogs boost search engine visibility, targeted site traffic and sales. The service crawls sites for content, even discovering pages, such as dynamic content not normally found by search engine crawlers. All pages are then automatically formatted into an XML Sitemap and directly submitted to the XML interface of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The service is completely web-based, with no software to install. SEO Inc. manages the Attracta service on behalf its clients, using a feature-rich online dashboard that provides extensive reporting, search engine optimization data and recommendations.

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