(Gawkwire.com) Slingshot SEO has recently been named the 4th best SEO company for January 2010 by topseos.com. This firm, along with hundreds of other SEO agencies, was put through an extensive evaluation process by an experienced research team with topseos.com. That evaluation combined with customer reviews has shown that Slingshot SEO is clearly one of the best.
Their ranking as a top five SEO firm is only a confirmation of the quality of work that this Indianapolis-based firm has accomplished since their founding in 2006. Their company highlights include a 100% client success rate. Every client with Slingshot SEO has been on the first-page of results for every targeted keyword within 3-12 months of starting the SEO campaign. Additionally, this top firm has setup their business to be scalable to handle the needs of any client that would come their way. Kevin Bailey, President of Slingshot SEO, explains, "By scalable I mean that regardless of the size of a new client or the competitiveness of the keyword phrases they would like to target, we are able to ramp up our operations to handle the new work almost instantaneously. This tends to be a large hang-up for the majority of our competitors."

These accomplishments have set Slingshot SEO apart from the rest. In addition, Slingshot only requires necessary and crucial programmatic website modifications, ensuring that they are helping their clients while not overburdening the client’s IT staff. They set out with a clear and straight-forward proposal to explain thoroughly the goals of the campaign. This allows the client to be able to identify the clear measurable steps of the campaign, and to know whether it has been successful.

Bailey notes, "topseos.com is rightfully known as one of the most reliable sources on SEO companies. Slingshot SEO is truly honored to be ranked among the top 5 SEO companies in the United States. We have always believed that we were one of the most effective SEOs in the country, but it’s reassuring to know that an objective comparison with our peers has confirmed this." topseos.com, the independent authority on search vendors, has continued to search for the best in the internet marketing industry since its inception in 2002. They would like to congratulate Slingshot SEO for their outstanding work in the search engine optimization industry.

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