(Gawkwire.com) The recent recession has been a wakeup call for many businesses who have had to rethink the way they generate sales by using the assets they currently have at their disposal – people. The tightening of belts is only natural in an economic crisis so utilising the company’s current resources is paramount, which often means training key personnel in new areas to generate those vital leads.

SEO Junkies University, in particular, has seen a substantial rise in the number of delegates attending their SEO Training Courses, which has lead to them to launch a new range of courses suited to different levels and aspects of search engine optimisation. Each of the SEO Training Courses are designed for both basic and technical knowledge associated with SEO as well as the social media aspect all designed to increase the sites search engine rankings and generate revenue for their clients.

The ‘Essential SEO Training Course’ is aimed at those taking their first steps into search engine optimisation. The Essential SEO Course is a lighter way to gain fast track knowledge of SEO techniques and where they fit in with your internet marketing strategies. The Essential SEO Training Course gives the company the knowledge to take control of the sites ranking in the natural search engine results pages to gain more traffic and increase those valuable sales. This course is perfect for Marketing Managers.

The ‘Hardcore Search Engine Optimisation Training Course’ digs deeper into the SEO theory and real world techniques. Starting with the basics, the Hardcore SEO course looks into complex techniques including different technical aspects of coding to improve the sites search ranking performance –page rank sculpturing is just one of those techniques. This course is aimed at people who want to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of search engine optimisation.

The third course on offer is the’ Social Media Training Course’ which looks at all the different social media networks that can help your site gain traffic. The course is aimed at revealing the technology and techniques required to make a commercial success of social media marketing. The popularity of social media is often recognised by companies but many of them have no idea how they can help their business grow. This one day course aims to shake your businesses into diving in to the world social media marketing and is aimed at anybody who has a keen interest in social media.

SEO Junkies University has been established for 4 years and has had incredible success with their courses with the attendance of clients such as Your M&S, Coremetrics and Betting.com. With each of the courses restricted to a maximum of 5 delegates per session, the exclusivity gives them a much more consultative feel rather than other standard SEO Training courses.

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