(Gawkwire.com) – Webrank announced the launch of its social media analytics for brands and businesses.

Webrank Analytics helps businesses view, track and measure what it being said about them on the social web. Marketers can use the analytics to get insights into their social efforts and optimize it. The data can be viewed traffic, sentiment, top sources and top Twitter keywords. Further, the data can be viewed by time line and compared against other keywords. Here is the Webrank score for Barack Obama vs Sarah Palin compared 


Consumers are increasingly turning to social sites like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and others to express their opinions and experiences with products and brands. Webrank tracks, monitors and organizes social conversations about businesses, products and brands.

Webrank Page

Businesses can view what consumers are saying about their products and brands on such sites as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums in a single location – their Webrank page – with one click. Here is the Webrank page for Apple Inc. http://www.webrank.org/apple.

Webrank Score 

A Webrank pages displays comments, blog posts, tweets, and reviews relating to the respective business, product or brand. Each comment, blog post, tweet, and review is analyzed for sentiment and relevance and is given a Webrank score. The Webrank score gives users an instant snapshot of the aggregate sentiment of the all the comments, blog posts, tweets, and reviews for the respective business, product or brand.

Social Media Dashboard 

Webrank allows users to track news and events relating to their business and industry. User can get daily updates in their dashboard. They can also follow their competitors and get daily updates on news and developments. Webrank allows to users to find industry news and research the popularity of keywords. It also provides users with a community that they can network with.

To view the social data about any business simply by typing it into the search box at http://www.webrank.org/.

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