(Gawkwire.com) 4PSA launched VoipNow Automation, a business and operations automation software designed for deploying, managing and billing services in cloud infrastructures. With VoipNow Automation, providers can define service plans, build their online store and customer portal, automatically provision services, and manage ordering, invoicing and payment processes using the latest cloud technologies.

VoipNow Automation allows service providers to streamline critical business tasks like billing and account management, reduces costs and provides a solid foundation for growth. The platform is able to scale to a virtually unlimited number of customers using 4Grid and it is flexible enough to integrate with any type of cloud service using Cloud Blocks. The solution comes with an Open Source front-end that includes the online store and the portal where customers can manage personal information, subscriptions, orders, invoices and payments.

"Our main objective with VoipNow Automation is to help service providers reduce costs and serve more customers with fewer resources. Although we are first targeting the automation of our own Unified Communications software, VoipNow Automation is extensible by design. Service providers can use the same platform and build Cloud Blocks for any type of cloud service. The solution’s flexibility means more time spent on business critical activities, rather than on the technical integration of the new services in the portfolio." said Bogdan Carstoiu, 4PSA’s CEO.

Automation is part of VoipNow Platform, integrating with the other components of the ecosystem and providing a complete solution for delivering Unified Communications, hosted PBX, VoIP wholesale and SIP trunking services.

VoipNow Professional is a software Unified Communications solution that allows service providers to deliver rich multimedia communications services like voice, video, presence, instant messaging, and faxing. VoipNow Professional customer base is growing at an accelerated rate; the software is currently deployed with service providers from more than 40 countries.

VoipNow Core is the first distributed cloud VoIP delivery solution in the world. The software is using 4PSA’s 4Grid technology and allows service providers to deliver high volume SIP trunking and wholesale VoIP services to end-users and resellers. VoipNow Core also includes distributed media gateway features, allowing service providers to interconnect SIP and PSTN at minimal costs.


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